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Westchester County in New York offers a peaceful getaway from the hectic bustle of city life. Our Office in Cortlandt Manor is surrounded by state parks and historic locations such as Kykuit and Lyndhurst. Due to New York City being in within an easy distance by train, it is one of the most popular areas for commuters to make home.

NYBG Plastic Surgery proudly serves Westchester County and offers an outstanding quality of service and care for those living locally and in NYC, with our Westchester CoolSculpting procedure.

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How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting works by gently cooling fat cells to specific temperature to freeze them. This temperature leaves your other healthy cells undamaged and intact. Once the fat cells are damaged, they are then slowly broken down and reabsorbed by your body over the course of the subsequent weeks and months.

What Does the CoolSculpting Procedure Involve?

Your CoolSculpting in Westchester, NY is quick and efficient, taking just over half an hour on average. You will be sitting back and relaxing as the CoolSculpting aesthetician uses the CoolSculpting device on the areas you want slimmed. The device is placed over the area to be treated and with a suction feature, pulls the fatty area upwards to deliver the freezing to the unwanted fat cells lingering on your body. Once your treatment is complete, you are free to carry on with your day as usual.

What Are the Benefits of CoolSculpting?

The benefits of CoolSculpting have made this treatment one of the most popular we offer at NYBG in Westchester. These benefits include:

  • Non-surgical and non-invasive procedure
  • Reduced cost when measured against a surgical procedure
  • No downtime or recovery period
  • No need for anesthesia
  • Efficient and fast to complete treatment
  • Can target specific problem areas

What Kind of Results Can I Expect to See After Having CoolSculpting in Westchester, NY?

The results you can expect after CoolSculpting treatments can include:

  • Slimmer, trimmer silhouette
  • Reduced love handles
  • Tighter looking abdomen
  • Slimmed thighs
  • Reduced bra fat
  • Reduced appearance of back fat
  • Reduced double chin
  • Reduced stubborn fat on neck
  • Smoother, trimmer, fitter body contour

Am I a Candidate for CoolSculpting?

The best candidates for CoolSculpting have a slight to moderate amount of stubborn fat that they would like to reduce. You should be within 30 lbs. of your ideal weight. Since this procedure is non-invasive and as it forces your body to do the fat reduction for you, most people who fit the above criteria are eligible to undergo CoolSculpting.

What is the Recovery Period Like for CoolSculpting?

There is no recovery period associated with CoolSculpting. You can anticipate getting back to your routine as usual without interruption. There may be some slight swelling or redness, but it shouldn’t inhibit your usual activities and subsides quickly.

When Should I Expect to See Results from CoolSculpting?

You can expect to see results from CoolSculpting appear within the first few weeks, with full results within the first few months. As the damaged fat cells get absorbed by your body the remaining fat cells contract, the skin in the area treated will appear firmer, creating a more appealing, attractive body contour.

Which Areas Can Be Treated with CoolSculpting?

  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Double chin
  • Chest (for men)
  • Bra-line
  • armpits

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Depending on how much change you would like to see, many of our patients at NYBG in Westchester undergo several CoolSculpting treatments. Some areas with larger quantities of excess fat may require two treatments to achieve the results envisioned.

Why Choose NYBG Plastic Surgery in Westchester for CoolSculpting?

New York Bariatric Group Plastic Surgery specializes in guiding people towards their ideal weight and providing a range of techniques and procedures to help our patients feel and look their best. Our plastic surgeons are able to help a range of patients, including those who want to reduce love handles or tummy fat to those who are seeking professional help to reshape the entire figure.

Coming in for a consultation is the first step towards planning the best path to a more attractive and trimmer figure. You can experience significant health benefits by being highly motivated to maintain your newly sculpted look with diet and exercise. In your initial consultation, you will have any and all of your weight loss and cosmetic questions addressed and answered. One of our professional medical team will give you the care and attention you need to feel confident in starting on the journey towards a body with the shape and appearance that empowers you and enhances your quality of life.

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