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A positive self-image is an important factor in confidence and relationships throughout your life. Are you unhappy when you look in the mirror and the reflection looking back at you shows excess sagging skin or fat? Our advanced NYC body lift techniques can shape and tone the underlying tissue that helps keep your skin and fat layer firm and more youthful looking. A body lift can improve and in some cases even eliminate cellulite at our office located in the NYC and Long Island.

At NYBG Plastic Surgery, our skilled and experienced physicians are not only among the best at body lifts in Long Island and surrounding areas, they also understand the aesthetics that go into your transformation. It’s not just a matter of procedure. Our professional team understands your concerns. We’ve done this many times! We can take you through all your options and help you make an informed decision based on your body and your personal goals.

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What Is a Lower Body Lift?

A lower body lift, also known as the Belt Lipectomy, is a procedure that makes possible a major transformation of the mid and lower body areas. While it removes excess skin and sagging fat around the abdomen area, including hips, groin, outer thighs and buttocks, a body lift is not a resistive fat removal process. Depending on the elasticity of your skin, a body lift in combination with liposuction can produce optimum results. Your best choices for improving the shape and tone of your body depend on your skin’s elasticity, where the fat deposits are located, and the results you desire.

What Is an Upper Body Lift?

An upper body lift is needed whenever a massive weight loss patient presents with a "dropped out" lateral inframammary crease. It is a combination of a brachioplasty, upper-back resection, and breast reconstruction. The operation is designed to reverse the particular deformity a patient presents with.

What does a Body Lift involve?

One of our surgeons will evaluate the pattern of incisions and advanced techniques required to properly perform your body lift in Long Island. The procedure best suited to your needs will depend upon several factors, including which areas of your body need to be addressed as well as other cosmetic considerations. The general procedure includes:

  • Anesthesia. Either intravenous or general anesthesia depending on your doctor’s recommendation.
  • Incision patterns (mostly outlining the bikini region) are made that will best tighten the abdomen, groin, waist, thigh and buttocks. This enables the removal of excess skin and fat so that underlying tissues can be tightened and better supported.
  • Closing the incisions with advanced techniques and deep support sutures within the foundational tissue bring about an almost immediate and significant improvement in your contours.

Although you may see quick results after your surgery, your fully developed shape can take one or two years to achieve. A body lift resets your skin, fat layer, and underlying tissue for optimum aesthetic growth into the firmer and trimer profile you’ve wanted.


During recovery following your lower body lift in Long Island, dressings are applied and changed as you heal. In some cases, tiny thin tubes may be placed just under the skin for drainage purposes. Your plastic surgeon and support staff will remain in close contact with you and give you specific instructions and guidance regarding caring for your healing process and ways to avoid complications and to maintain your general health.

As every patient has specific needs, the time in which bandages can be removed can vary. The important thing to remember is that the care you take during your brief recovery can pay you back many times over with the final result. Some scars will remain but the overall results should minimize their effect. Body lift results are often relatively permanent.

NYBG Plastic Surgery: Professionalism and Aesthetics You Can Trust

We know the emotions and uncertainties our patients go through while researching how plastic surgery may help improve their body. Finding the right doctors and the right team. Deciding who to trust. Listening to the opinions and experiences of friends, family and reading testimonials. It can be daunting!

Our practice is built around not only our surgical skills and advanced techniques, but also around your comprehensive care. From the first consultation, we will ease your doubts and give you the information you need to make the best choices. Our compassionate support team has seen it all and knows exactly how to best service you at every step of the way. One of our leading sources of new clients comes from heartfelt recommendations and referrals. We believe that speaks for itself.

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