The results of liposuction can vary dramatically, depending upon the fat extraction system used and the skill of the individual behind the procedure. Some of the most critical issues to evaluate in choosing a liposuction surgeon include:

  • Is the plastic surgeon known for his excellence in body contouring?
  • What types of liposuction systems are used?
  • Is the plastic surgeon respected as a leading authority in body sculpting?
  • Is the plastic surgeon the recipient of professional accolades and awards?
  • Are you given access to “before and after” images from real-world patients?

About Dr. Kevin Small, Plastic Surgeon In New York

Dr. Kevin Small is recognized as an innovator and leader in plastic surgery techniques for advanced body sculpting. He formerly served as an assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, where he was engaged in educating medical students on modern plastic surgery techniques. He has been called upon frequently to present his research at professional gatherings and has authored many manuscripts and chapters in professional journals and textbooks on plastic surgery.

Maximizing Results and Minimizing Recovery Time

Modern aesthetic technology has brought newer, more effective body sculpting techniques to the forefront. Dr. Small does not rest on his laurels, but is consistently seeking newer, better methods for the benefit of his Long Island patients. The goal is to produce an exceptional aesthetic result in recontouring and resculpting the body and face. His approach is artistic, and he seeks to produce the most harmonious, balanced, and natural appearance for his Long Island body contouring patients.

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Surgical and Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures

The combination of surgical and non-surgical techniques can produce a strikingly natural final result. Patients come to Dr. Small as they are confident in his high-level surgical skills, experience, and knowledge of advanced body sculpting techniques.

At his practice, NYBG, we have the highest respect for our patients and carefully plan and execute every procedure. Your custom body sculpting process may include several techniques, including our state-of-the-art liposuction procedures:

  •  PAL (Power Assisted Lipo): Rather than traditional liposuction which often produced unsightly, uneven results, PAL is a precision procedure to remove excess fat with far less damage.
  • SMARTLipo: This procedure has the added benefit of limiting any damage to surrounding tissues, along with a smoothing, skin-tightening effect through resculpting the underlying fat for a far smoother, more attractive outcome.

Body Contouring After Dramatic Weight Loss

If you had bariatric surgery and lost a significant quantity of excess weight, it can be distressing to be left with sagging skin and tissue. Dr. Small performs a full scope of plastic surgery techniques so you can finally achieve a tight, firm, attractive body shape. Liposuction may be one aspect of the treatment, along with removing excess skin and tissue.

Many patients struggle with fatty deposits that linger, no matter how hard you work out, or how carefully you watch your diet. Liposuction makes it possible to finally be free of unsightly fat – but you want a smooth, attractive look. Our advanced techniques make it all possible. We invite you to find out more about Dr. Small and visit our luxurious, discreet, New York clinic to find out more.

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