In severe cases where the upper lids are drooping dramatically, it can even begin to interfere with vision and limit a person’s eyesight. Lower eyelids can also sag so deeply that the white of the eye is visible beneath the iris. An eyelift procedure can correct these issues, improving eyesight and revitalizing your appearance.

What Causes Drooping Eyelids?

As with all wrinkles and sags, drooping eyelids are a normal part of the aging process. Collagen is the tissue that gives our skin its structure and tautness. As we age, the levels of collagen in our skin gradually decrease, causing our skin to slowly lose its shape and be pulled downward by the constant tug of gravity. Small cushions of fat provide padding between our eyes and the bones of the eye sockets. These cushions are held in place by a thin membrane. As we age, the membrane can slowly deteriorate, and fatty deposits slip down, gathering beneath the eyelids and causing a bulging, puffy appearance.

The Blepharoplasty Or "Eye Lift" Procedure

During the surgery, you will be given either a combination of local anesthetic and oral sedation or an intravenous sedative. The length of the procedure will depend on the method used and how many eyelids are being altered – doing all four (upper and lower, left and right) will of course take the longest, at around two hours. A few different incisions may be used:

Natural Upper Crease

Problems with the upper lid can be corrected with an incision that falls in the natural crease of the eyelid, so the scar is easily hidden. Through this incision, fat deposits can be removed or repositioned, muscles can be tightened, and excess skin can be removed.

Lower Lash Line

Some problems with the lower lid can be fixed with an incision along the bottom edge of the lower eyelid’s lash line. This incision is used to remove excess skin, and can also be used to remove or redistribute fat deposits.

Lower Lash Line

This type of incision is made on the inside of the lower eyelid, to be completely invisible. Through this, no excess skin is removed, but fat can be removed or repositioned and other lower lid conditions can be corrected.

In addition to your eye lift procedure, your doctor may recommend a chemical peel or laser resurfacing to improve discoloration of the lower eyelids.

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Get Rid Of Those Puffy, Drooping Eyelids

Eyelids that droop and sag or have sinking fat deposits are a normal byproduct of aging, but when they reach the point of interfering with your vision or detracting from your appearance, it may be time to consider an eye lift. No procedure can fully halt the aging process, but an eyelift can take years off your appearance, improve your eyesight, and reenergize your face. To learn more or schedule your appointment, contact our team at NYGB Plastic Surgery today.

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The demand for blepharoplasty (cosmetic eye surgery) continues to rise annually in the United States; according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, 206,509 blepharoplasties were performed in 2014.

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