Obesity is often preceded by micronutrient deficiencies that came about from nutritionally poor foods and a high caloric intake. Deficiencies, especially in anti-oxidants and some fat-soluble vitamins, may be caused by a higher intake of processed energy-dense foods that have very low nutritional content.

Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies

Proper nutrition and correcting nutritional deficiencies are extremely important for people considering post-weight loss plastic surgery such as abdominoplasty, body contouring, or even liposuction.

Having a proper nutritional base helps avoid complications in surgery or later in the healing process.

Remember that the lasting value of your plastic surgery procedures depends upon keeping your weight stable and your body healthy. Even older patients can slow down the effects of age with a comprehensive nutrient-based regular diet. They maintain better bone density, muscle tone, skin elasticity, and internal organ function.

All our patients are required to observe good dietary practices before their surgery. Dietary discipline is a vital component of both the bariatric surgical process and the plastic surgery performed later to remove excess skin and return the curves and aesthetic to the body. Nutrition has been shown in numerous tests to be an important correlation to a successful outcome.

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Getting In The Good Food Groove

It often happens that following an extended period of sub-par nutrition, it takes some time for the body to tolerate a good variety of foods. Patience is necessary. Maintaining good nutrition for life can take a while but eventually you will come to love what you eat. Over time you can expect improved full body health as it is not fighting against imbalances created by a poor diet. The NYBG Plastic Surgery team is committed to excellence in patient care at every point of contact. We will do a comprehensive nutritional assessment that draws from the knowledge of dieticians, doctors, and our well-informed support team. The aim is to identify pre-existing deficiencies and to employ a correction plan for both pre-op and in the recovery phase – as well as for later in life.

We work with you on your nutrition goals by harnessing today’s technology to give you fast and easy access to nutritional websites, a food diary, nutritional websites, and a number of experts around the country – all from your smart phone or computer. You can also access one-on-one live video or telephone consultations with skilled nutritionists who offer insight, motivation, support, validation, and how-to that will keep you motivated and moving quickly forward to achieve your goal of a properly fed body.

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Our team has helped hundreds of people achieve healthier lives with their new bodies. We are eager to talk to you and answer all your questions regarding nutrition, pre-op preparations, healing period best practices, as well as dozens of other topics tailored to your needs. Contact NYBG Plastic Surgery today to speak with one of our helpful team members.

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Virtual Health Partners

We also work with Virtual Health Partners who offer expert advice and direction from both medical and nutritional leaders to help a person create a sustainable and state-of-the-art successful nutrition and fitness program.

VHP allows your patients to schedule virtual live nutrition visits around their own busy schedules. Your patients virtually meet with a nutrition specialist who will help guide and coach them to achieve their goals.

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