A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, can be performed to remove excess skin, tighten surrounding tissue, and raise the breasts to a perkier, more youthful level.

Common Causes Of Sagging Breasts

Many women are dissatisfied with their breasts in ways that could be addressed with a mastopexy. Some of the common reasons that women come to NYBG Plastic Surgery seeking breast lifts include:

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

The breasts experience many changes throughout both pregnancy and breastfeeding, some of them unwelcome. Following the dramatic fluctuations in size and shape, many mothers’ breasts are left sagging and lacking in definition. A breast lift, either alone or paired with implants or a reduction, can help restore the breasts to their youthful shape.

Recent Weight Loss

Changes in weight manifest differently throughout the different areas of the body, and many women find success on their weight loss journeys, only to find that their breasts lose volume as well as definition. A breast lift can help.


Unfortunately, a natural part of aging is that the skin loses its elasticity and structure, and things begin to droop and sag; the breasts are no exception. Aging tissues combined with the constant pull of gravity result in breasts that hang low, lack shape, and have nipples pointing downward.


Some women are genetically predisposed to have certain issues with their breasts. For some women, breasts begin to sag at a relatively young age, and others may have naturally uneven breasts that can be leveled out using a breast lift when performed by a skilled surgeon.

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How A Breast Lift Works

During a breast lift, one or more incisions are made to access the necessary tissues. All the incisions center around the areola, but there are different variations that can be used to address different concerns. Your doctor will discuss these with you and decide which is best for your anatomy and aesthetic goals. Once the incision is made, excess, stretched skin is removed. The surrounding skin is lifted to provide access to the underlying tissues of the breast, which are shifted and repositioned to form the desired shape. Finally, the nipple and areola are often moved into a new position on the breast so that they are higher on the breast and pointed outward (rather than downward) for a more youthful appearance. When this has been done, the incisions are then closed. Most plastic surgeons are very skilled in doing this so that the scars are only minimally visible after the procedure.

Cosmetic Solutions That Work

At NYBG Plastic Surgery, we provide excellent care to patients at our New York office, where we strive to understand and achieve each individual’s aesthetic goals. Women who are unsatisfied with their breasts may benefit from a breast lift alone, or from the combination of a breast lift along with breast reduction or augmentation. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us to set up your initial consultation.

Before & After Breast Lift in Long Island

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