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In recent years, the butt has received a lot of attention as a defining feature of feminine beauty. Round, well-defined buttocks are desirable and attractive, and a butt lift or butt augmentation can help you achieve this look. Whether you have always been dissatisfied with the natural shape of your derriere, or have recently experienced an undesirable change in their shape and definition, one or a combination of these procedures may help.

Steps to Performing a Butt Lift

The primary purpose of a butt lift is to remove excess skin that has been sagging. Most everyone experiences some sagging in the buttocks as they age (caused by a decrease in collagen levels), but some individuals are genetically predisposed to be more susceptible to these changes at an earlier age. Others may find after significant weight loss that they have also lost shape and definition in the buttocks due to the decreased volume of fat, and now have excess skin that hangs loosely.

This surgery is performed by creating an incision along the top of the buttocks, at the edge of the lower back. Through these incisions, excess skin is removed. Oftentimes, liposuction is performed at the same time to remove unwanted fat, but this is not the primary purpose of a butt lift. Once the loose, extra skin has been removed, the incision can be used to access and tighten the remaining skin and underlying tissue.

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