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As the central feature of the face, the nose can make a huge difference in how the face as a whole is perceived, which is why the rhinoplasty, or "nose job" is among both the most common and delicate plastic surgeries to be performed. A rhinoplasty can be performed to alter the internal and external structures of the nose, for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

A rhinoplasty can be performed alone or in conjunction with another procedure such as a facelift. In some cases, cartilage and tissue might be removed from other parts of the body to be used in reshaping the nose.

The Importance of a Well-Shaped Nose

An asymmetrical or disproportionate nose can throw off the balance of the entire face, and a nose with an ugly shape can draw attention away from other facial feature, detracting from overall appearance. The nose also serves an integral role in respiration. Some of the most common reasons that individuals seek a rhinoplasty include:

  • Nasal Asymmetry. The nose is literally the central feature of the face, and provides the context in which all other facial features are observed. An asymmetrical or improperly centered nose can give the entire face an out-of-balance, awkward appearance.
  • Misshapen Nose. Many people are unhappy with the shape of their noses, whether the issue lies with the width of the bridge or the nose’s profile. Some noses, when viewed from the side, have visible bumps or depressions in the ridge, and a rhinoplasty can smooth this surface. It can also address the tip of a nose that is bulbous, hooked, upturned, or drooping.
  • Unsightly Nostrils. Nostrils that are wide, enlarged, or upturned, can be uncomfortably conspicuous and draw attention.
  • Deviated Septum. Some people experience breathing difficulties as the result of a deviated septum that restricts air flow. A rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum will focus on altering the internal structure of the nose to improve alignment for easier breathing.

Rhinoplasties You Can Trust

In our comfortable New York City Office, we at NYGB Plastic Surgery have years of combined experience in cosmetic procedures to deliver the results you’re looking for. Rhinoplasties are delicate procedures that require a steady hand and an expert eye, so don’t trust just anyone to shape your nose. To schedule your initial consultation, give us a call today.

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