Laser therapy is on the cutting edge of nonsurgical, minimally invasive alternatives to plastic surgery.

What Can Laser Therapy Be Used To Treat?

A wide array of skin complaints that cause patients to seek the help of a plastic surgeon can be addressed using laser technology. Some of these conditions include:

Scars and Sun-Damaged Spots

Acne is bad enough, but scars can last a lifetime, giving your face a permanently splotchy appearance. Sun damage can also cause areas of discoloration and damaged skin.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Laser therapy alone can’t treat the deep creases and folds that form in the face over the course of years, but it can be used to treat small lines and wrinkles that appear during the earlier stages of the aging process.


Some people have a grayish or yellowish complexion, resulting in a permanently ill appearance. Still, others experience patches of discoloration that can cause the individual to feel self-conscious in public settings. Laser therapy can be used to normalize and smooth the skin’s complexion.

Enlarged Oil Glands on the Nose

The nose is one area where the appearance of pores and glands is extremely pronounced. Enlarged oil glands on the nose can be embarrassing and prominent, but laser therapy has been shown to improve their appearance.

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Laser Therapy: How It Works

Laser therapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used frequently to correct abnormalities and signs of aging on the face. Its effects are not as dramatic or long-lasting as those associated with surgical options such as facelifts, but it has been shown to treat milder cases effectively, producing marked improvements. While not a substitute for surgery when surgery is necessary, laser therapy can delay the need for an operation such as a facelift, or can be used in conjunction with it to optimize results.

Laser therapy works by harnessing very specific wavelengths of light and directing them at the surface of the skin. The light produces heat and affects multiple layers of the skin. Ultra-precise lasers are perfect for targeting specific areas and removing the outermost layers of skin so that it can regenerate itself more evenly and with an improved complexion. At the same time, the lasers also heat up the underlying dermis layer of the skin, stimulating new collagen growth that will reverse the effects of aging and improve the skin’s structure and elasticity.

Find A Plastic Surgeon You Can Count On

Procedures involving laser treatments are extremely precise and delicate. Only a physician who has extensive experience in the use of laser technology should be permitted to perform such a procedure on you. Also, keep in mind that laser therapy is one element in a wide array of treatment options for scarring, discoloration, and aging in the face. A detailed conversation with a cosmetic surgeon can help to identify your specific needs, goals, priorities, and concerns so that a treatment plan can be developed that is right for you. To learn more, contact NYBG Plastic Surgery today.

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