The recovery process after your tummy tuck surgery in Long Island can be daunting to some. However, Dr. Small wants to give patients a realistic outlook for recovery. The supportive staff at NYBG Plastic Surgery will give you individualized aftercare instructions and guide you through each step of your recovery.

What To Expect Immediately After Your Long Island Tummy Tuck

The vast majority of patients will return home after their surgery. You will need to be driven home by a trusted friend or family member, and you may need assistance at home for a few days. You will have stitches and drains at the incision site. A compression garment will promote healing and hold everything in place. You may feel groggy at first.

Your skin will feel tight after being re-draped, so you may bend over slightly when standing or walking. Prescription pain medication will help control the discomfort. A follow up appointment will be scheduled one week after your surgery. The stitches will be removed and Dr. Small will monitor your progress. He will advise when you should return for your next follow-up and update your aftercare instructions.

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Long Term Recovery Process

Over the weeks and months following your procedure, you will begin to feel more like yourself again. You will regain mobility and begin to see your results. A small amount of swelling may persist for a few months, but you will still notice a flatter, more svelte tummy that complements your figure. You should still avoid strenuous exercise for up to six weeks. Listen to your body as you reintroduce exercise or other activities. If you feel pain or discomfort, stop and try again at another time. Dr. Small will advise you regarding appropriate levels of exercise during each of your follow-up appointments.

Recovery Process Tips

We understand the desire to rush through the recovery stages and see your final results. Rushing can lead to complications or even extend your recovery period if you injure yourself. Patience is the key to a successful recovery. Take it slow and do not rush into strenuous activities.

Communication is also vital to your recovery. Even though Dr. Small will have follow-up appointments with you to monitor your healing, you should feel free to contact the office at any point if you have questions, concerns, or experience any unusual symptoms.

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A New You: Slimmer, Trimmer, And Looking Fit

You will see a significant difference in your appearance after you have recovered following your tummy tuck at our Long Island or NYC offices. Clothing will fit better, and you won’t be plagued by love handles, sagging abdominal tissue and fat, or muscles that had split and created a double-tummy look. You may find yourself doing a lot of shopping, as clothing styles you couldn’t wear in the past will now fit you beautifully. Are you ready to resculpt your body and get rid of that saggy, droopy, tummy? A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that produces the full effect of surgical body reshaping.

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Will I Have Complications?

Any surgical procedure has risks, but complications are rare. A tummy tuck is a common cosmetic procedure, and Dr. Small has many years of experience. He will discuss all aspects of your procedure and recovery during your initial consultation. His precise surgical technique and innovative approach to cosmetic surgery means that your procedure will be customized to fit your needs.

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