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The vast majority of cosmetic breast surgeries are performed without a hitch, and the patients are genuinely pleased with the results. However, circumstances occasionally arise wherein another surgery is desired to alter the results of the first procedure (usually a breast augmentation using implants), due to human error, unanticipated implant malfunctions, or a change in the patient’s aesthetic preferences. Secondary and tertiary surgeries require an even higher level of precision and care, as breast tissue may be thinned and weakened by previous procedures, and excess scar tissue may already be present.

Revising Previous Surgical Errors

Unfortunately, patients who have breast augmentations performed by surgeons who lack the necessary experience all too often find themselves with results far worse than the problems they sought to address in the first place.

A common mistake is implant malposition, which occurs when the implants are inserted in the incorrect position in the breasts, so that they are too close together along the chest’s midline, too far apart, located too high so they ride up, or too low, causing a saggy appearance. They can also be implanted unevenly, causing an unnatural, asymmetrical look. Other times, the nipple and areola are placed incorrectly and must be altered again.

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At NYBG Plastic Surgery, we want to understand your unique aesthetic goals and find the best methods to help you achieve them. We understand that you may be wary after undergoing a procedure that didn’t work out exactly as you’d planned, so your comfort will be our number one priority. Contact us to learn more.

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