Secondary and tertiary surgeries require an even higher level of precision and care, as breast tissue may be thinned and weakened by previous procedures, and excess scar tissue may already be present.

Revising Previous Surgical Errors

Unfortunately, patients who have breast augmentations performed by surgeons who lack the necessary experience all too often find themselves with results far worse than the problems they sought to address in the first place.

A common mistake is implant malposition, which occurs when the implants are inserted in the incorrect position in the breasts, so that they are too close together along the chest’s midline, too far apart, located too high so they ride up, or too low, causing a saggy appearance. They can also be implanted unevenly, causing an unnatural, asymmetrical look. Other times, the nipple and areola are placed incorrectly and must be altered again.

Implant Malfunctions And Other Issues

While they are very rare, implant malfunctions do occur when, for reasons beyond the control of the operating surgeon, the implant fails to perform as expected. Some of the most common malfunctions include:

Capsular Contracture

This occurs when scar tissue builds up at the surgery site, hardening around the implant. Doctors are unclear on exactly what causes this to happen in some cases but not in others, and it is the condition most commonly addressed by revision breast surgery.

Implant Deflation or Rupture

Very rarely, an implant will simply be faulty and will rupture and fail after being surgically inserted. Other times, an implant may be over-or underinflated, causing it to either burst or slowly deflate. When sutures from the initial surgery are inadvertently placed directly up against the implant, they can slowly wear at the implant, causing it to prematurely break down. Typically, an implant can be expected to last around 10 years.

Changes to Patient’s Body

If a patient gains or loses a significant amount of weight, becomes pregnant, or breastfeeds during the time following a breast augmentation or similar procedure, it can affect the positioning and balance of the implants.

Changes in Aesthetic Goals

Oftentimes, a breast augmentation is executed perfectly, but the patient simply changes their mind and prefers a different look – this can mean increasing the size of the implant, or removing it altogether.

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