The effects of aging on the skin, particularly that of the face, can be prominent. As we get older, we gradually lose both collagen and subcutaneous fat – collagen is the matrix that gives our skin its structure and elasticity, while fat fills out our features and keeps the skin smooth and tight. As these two materials gradually decrease, our skin begins to sag and droop with gravity’s pull, and the movements of our facial muscles become much more visible and pronounced. Cheeks and lips become sunken and hollow, while wrinkles become increasingly pronounced.

Common Uses For Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, most commonly used to enhance and restore volume to aging facial features, can theoretically be used almost anywhere where tissue volume has been lost. Some of the most common uses for dermal fillers include:

Plumping Thin Lips

Many people, especially women, lack the level of volume in their lips that they would like to have. In addition to detracting from the face’s attractiveness, overly thin lips can give the impression that you are tense or angry, regardless of your true mood. In addition to adding lip volume, dermal fillers can also be used to minimize the appearance of the vertical lines that sometimes appear around the mouth.

Filling in Hollows

The most obvious example of this is the cheeks, which become sallow and gaunt as we age or after losing a significant amount of weight. Restoring some of this plumpness and volume to the cheeks gives a youthful appearance. Hollow spots can also appear beneath the lower eyelids, giving the person a perpetually tired appearance – reenergize your look with dermal fillers.

Minimizing the Appearance of Skin Creases

Nasolabial folds (also called laugh lines) that stretch from the nose to the corners of the mouth, as well as the "marionette lines" that extend from the corners of the mouth downward, only grow more pronounced in appearance with time, as more and more volume is gradually lost in the facial tissues.

Treating Recessed Scars

Scars from acne, chickenpox, or other injuries can develop a sunken or "cratered" appearance over time, leaving divots on the surface of the skin. Dermal fillers are the perfect option to even out the level surface of the skin.

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Finding A Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

When it comes to the use of dermal fillers to improve the appearance of hollow areas in the face, you want to make sure every step is being performed by someone who not only you trust to perform such cosmetic procedures with skill, but who also understands your aesthetic goals and is committed to helping you reach them. To start working with our team at NYBG Plastic Surgery, contact our office today.

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Advances and Refinement in Hyaluronic Acid Facial Fillers

Fillers temporarily augment deflated or ptotic facial compartments to restore a youthful appearance. Hyaluronic acids predominate the fillers market because of their focal volumization, duration of effect, low incidence of adverse reactions, and reversibility.

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Technical Refinements in Autologous Hand Rejuvenation

The aging hand is characterized by skin changes and soft-tissue deflation, which leads to rhytides, dermal atrophy, and distinct anatomical structures. Soft-tissue deflation and prominent hand anatomy can be corrected with volume augmentation using dermal fillers or lipofilling.

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