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The most effective and popular treatment of its kind, BOTOX has become a recognized name synonymous with wrinkle reduction and a younger appearance. It is the only such treatment to be so extensively clinically studied, and no other formulation has been empirically demonstrated to perform at the same high level as BOTOX itself.

From Crow Feet to Frown Lines

We all know that facial wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do. Collagen is one of the main tissues that gives skin its structure and shape, making our skin smooth and supple when we are young. The loss of collagen as we age is one reason our skin begins to sag and droop over time. Another reason is that the levels of fat decrease, so the underlying tissues which filled out our features begin to fade away.

In addition to these general causes of facial aging, however, the way we move our faces is largely responsible for some of the wrinkles and lines we develop as we get older. Crow’s feet, the lines at the corners of the eyes, can be caused by smiling or squinting. Frown lines along the forehead are produced when you furrow your brow or frown.

Finding the Right BOTOX Doctor

Countless physicians offer BOTOX injections as part of their practice, but only a cosmetic surgeon has the necessary expertise to truly understand your cosmetic goals and concerns, provide you with all the information necessary on treatment options so that you can make a truly informed decision, and administer the treatments safely and effectively.

At NYBG Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on being on the front lines of cosmetic innovation. Our highly skilled, attentive, and compassionate staff are prepared to listen to your concerns and thoroughly address them so that you will feel as comfortable as possible before undergoing any treatments. To learn more or schedule your appointment, get in touch with us today.

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To get started call us at 1-800-359-3300



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