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"Body contouring" is a term that has become confusing for many because it has been used generically for "body lift" or "tummy tuck." However, body contouring is a relatively new plastic surgery procedure developed to address the physical concerns of people who have loss a great deal of weight through weight loss regimens and/or bariatric surgery or non-surgery bariatric offerings, and now need to reshape their bodies.

When someone loses a lot of weight – 100 pounds or more – the body is often left with droopy layers of excess skin. The results need not be demoralizing. All that work and discipline to lose the weight will still pay off, the job is just not completed yet. The individual is healthier and more physically able than they have been in years! Our body contouring in Long Island is the last step needed to achieve the kind of body you envisioned when you first decided to shed all those pounds.

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Types of Body Contouring

Numerous plastic surgery procedures can bring about a better body profile and enhance or restore curves. What makes body contouring unique is that it can address multiple areas where fat was eliminated while also dealing with a much larger amount of skin removal than any other surgery.

Your Westchester, NY body contouring procedure may involve a lower body lift that includes the abdomen, outer thighs, and the entire midsection. It can also include an upper body lift that includes the upper back, arms and chest.

Shorter surgery time can contribute to a faster and one-time healing process as well as avoiding the inconvenience of scheduling multiple surgeries.

CoolSculpting is another option for body contouring. It is a very popular fat targeting treatment using cooling technology. It is FDA cleared. You can learn more on our CoolSculpting page.

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Is Body Contouring Right for You?

Not everyone who loses a lot of weight needs extensive body contouring. Those who want to remove excess skin after dramatic weight loss are routinely advised to wait for at least a year to see how much their body tightens up on its own. This waiting period is highly recommended to ensure a safe surgery, should it be required. Many people seeking help are over 40 years old because at that age and beyond, skin sagging after weight reduction is hard to avoid.

Where on your body you lost the weight is also important when considering body contouring in Long Island. Losing one hundred pounds from numerous areas all over your body may result in less of an effect on your appearance than losing fifty pounds from your abdomen. Sometimes, a less comprehensive surgery may be recommended. In most cases, however, some procedure will be recommended as it has been found that most people cannot get rid of saggy skin with exercise, lotions, or further diet. It is there to stay unless removed.

Prioritizing: What Do You Want to Correct Most?

When it comes to all plastic surgery -- and especially procedures such as body contouring -- you may be faced with many decisions, trade-offs, and compromises. Deciding on a realistic course of action will generally lead to the best results. You will need to consider what areas of your body you feel require the most work. Focusing on those areas may provide all the satisfaction you are looking for. Getting rid of excess skin, contouring, scar patterns, and recovery time are all points to consider carefully. Scars, although permanent, do lighten a bit over time.

Advanced Body Contouring: Non-Surgical Treatments

While nothing outstrips plastic surgery for a final resolution of hanging skin and tissue, some patients may not be candidates for surgery, or want to avoid the risks of surgery. Modern technology has led to the development of several non-surgical techniques that can help tighten skin and remove excess fat. While no non-surgical treatment will produce the results of a surgical body contouring procedure, there may be some improvements you could achieve with a combination of non-surgical options.

Body Contouring After Bariatric Surgery

What procedure will be used to re-sculpt my body?

Every person is unique and the type of procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, that may be necessary to reshape and restore a smoother look will vary from patient to patient. Typically, the following cosmetic treatments are part of a full body contouring procedure:

How many surgeries will I need for body contouring?

For many patients who have undergone bariatric surgery and lost significant amounts of weight, or those who have had a dramatic weight loss through diet and exercise, several surgical procedures may be necessary during body contouring. For extreme cases, it may require several surgeries, as it is not advisable to treat every area in one surgery.

The first stage of the procedure is often the removal of excess skin and fat from the abdominal zone and a tightening of the muscle structure when needed, or a tummy tuck and possibly a thigh lift. The second surgery may target the upper chest, with a breast lift and upper arm lift. If the patient has excess fat and skin in the facial area, a facelift may be part of the final stage.

What can I expect as the final result of body contouring?

While the improvements in your body will be immediate after surgery, these procedures are surgical and some scarring will remain. The skill of your plastic surgeon is a critical point in the degree and size of scars and the overall success of the procedure. Dr. Kevin Small is recognized as a leader in the field of advanced body contouring and a respected educator, author, and innovator.

For guidance and advice about what would be involved in your case, the first step is a consultation in one of our New York offices, to evaluate your individual situation and determine what procedures will be needed to tighten and firm your body and get rid of excess skin and tissue. Reshaping your body can greatly improve your quality of life and your confidence in your appearance, allowing you to lead a happier life. We will ensure that you have realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedures, including recovery, and will give you the opportunity to look at photos of our other patients before and after body contouring.

How We Can Help You Rejuvenate Your Figure

Finding an experienced plastic surgeon who you can trust is paramount when considering your Long Island body contouring procedure. Our entire team believes in providing compassionate, knowledgeable, and highly-skilled care. NYBG Plastic Surgery has successfully helped hundreds of patients restore their bodies to a firmer, shapelier figure – with results that generally last for many years. Former patients often say they consider their surgeons to be personal friends. From the moment you contact us, you are in good hands. We help you make the decisions that benefit you the most, with results that meet your expectations. Our offices are conveniently located in Long Island, New Jersey, NYC, Roslyn Heights, and Westchester, NY. Begin your journey today towards a more aesthetic "you" by scheduling a consultation.

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