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High, defined cheekbones and a strong chin have long been signs of beauty and elegance. As we age, however, and lose the collagen that gives our skin its firmness and structure, our cheeks can become sunken and hollow. Previously defined features start to droop and sag as time and gravity take their toll. This effect can be accelerated and accentuated by significant weight loss, as the fat that made the cheeks firm and round melts away.

Some people naturally have a weak chin that can detract from their overall appearance. Other times, another face-altering procedure such as a rhinoplasty can necessitate alterations to the chin to restore a sense of facial balance.

Cosmetic Chin Surgery

The chin, as the defining framing feature of the lower face, can place other facial features into either balance or disproportion. A recessed or small chin can be extended or enlarged for a stronger appearance through the use of a chin implant. Chin surgery is often performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty to restore a sense of facial balance, as the chin can either diminish or accentuate the appearance of the nose.

A chin augmentation is a fairly straightforward procedure that typically lasts between thirty minutes and an hour. The incision is often made inside the lower lip, so that the scar won’t be visible on the external skin. Your doctor may also decide, as an alternative, to create an incision in the skin underneath your chin. Either way, the implant will be carefully inserted through the incision, and then the incision will be closed.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

The implants to be used during your chin or cheek augmentation will be carefully selected for the correct size and desired shape, to give you the most natural-looking result possible. Because of the nature of surgical implants, the results of the surgery will be permanent, though they may not be immediately observable after surgery until swelling decreases. These augmentation procedures will not fundamentally alter your appearance, but can accentuate your existing facial features. A skilled plastic surgeon will meet with you prior to the procedure to discuss in-depth your cosmetic goals and concerns. To schedule a consultation in the greater NYC area and learn more, contact the office of NYBG Plastic Surgery today.

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