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Why plastic surgery after weight loss?

After putting in months of hard work, diet, and exercise, or undergoing bariatric surgery, you may have lost a great deal of weight and dramatically improved your confidence and body image -- but your body still has a lot of the same skin you had when you were heavier. This is common situation for post-bariatric patients and for those who dieted on their own and lost a great deal of fat. Every person is unique and your particular situation will require an individual approach designed to give you the best and most realistic results. Loose skin can occur all over the body – or be focused in one particular area – after dramatic weight loss. Regardless of how fast or slowly you lost weight, you will have loose skin. Your skin was damaged when you gained weight, not when you lost it. Now that you are at or close to your ideal weight, that skin damage stands out. Skin elasticity has its limits and massive weight can push those limits and require a plastic surgery procedure to correct it.

How much loose skin remains after weight loss can vary and depends on factors such as prior BMI, age, health, genetics and exposure to sun. Sagging skin can interfere with routine activities and cause chafing, irritation, rashes and other issues. It also makes finding the right size clothes a challenge and can make you feel that you are still a slimmer person inside a larger body.

Contouring Your Body

Body contouring is a broad term that has been applied to a number of procedures. If you have lost a lot of weight and have a good deal of saggy skin in many places, several procedures may be required as part of your journey. Body contouring for post-bariatric patients with a previously high BMI may involve a lower and upper body lift, facelift and neck lift, back and breast lift, arm lift and outer and inner thigh sculpting. As involved as that may sound, the results are often immediately seen and can make a significant difference, while recovery time increases only slightly.

The best results from NYC plastic surgery after weight loss can be achieved when these conditions are met:

  • Stable weight for over a year with no further weight loss expected
  • Good overall health. No chronic medical conditions.
  • Healthy diet. Deficiencies can affect recovery from surgery
  • Non-smoker or has quit for at least two months.

Prioritizing Your Procedures

Because weight loss leaves saggy skin in multiple areas, you may want to weigh the benefits of addressing the area you most want to handle as a single procedure. Deciding on a realistic course of action will generally give you the best results because fixing that one area may bring you the most relief and all the satisfaction you set out to achieve. In your consultation with us, we will discuss your options, including the trade off between getting rid of skin, contouring your body, the scar patterns involved, and likely recovery time.

NYBG Plastic Surgery: We Make a Difference

Our post-bariatric surgeons in the NYC, New Jersey, Long Island and Westchester, NY area are committed to delivering the safest, most advanced and comprehensive plastic surgery after weight loss results to every patient who walks through our doors. We have a deep understanding of weight gain and loss and how to give you back the shape and positive self-image you aspire to. You will be offered the highest level of support with regard to post surgery recovery and programs including maintaining your weight loss, proper nutrition, and deficiency handling. We are dedicated to delivering optimum results in the shortest time possible and helping you make those gains as permanent as possible.

Sagging skin after weight loss can affect those of all ages. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team can answer your questions and guide you through each step of the process with skill, care, and respect. Start your journey today by calling for a consultation for plastic surgery after weight loss in NYC.

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