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Thanks to your weight loss efforts, you’ve gotten close to your perfect weight, but stubborn deposits of lumpy fat keep you from achieving your desired shape. Liposuction treatments may be your answer. Our experienced surgeons and staff at NYBG Plastic Surgery have gotten real results on people just like you. Losing weight is a big deal and you may have found it to be one of your greatest personal achievements. Now take it all the way to a new level of physical esteem with our safe and effective NYC liposuction procedures.

When you undergo weight loss, fat deposits are commonly resistive to the changes your body is going through. As a result, people who have lost a lot of weight are often left with a lumpy appearance that does not easily resolve with further diet and exercise. Allow our experienced Long Island liposuction team to show you exactly what we can do for you, as we have done for many before you.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat Deposits

The problem is that fat tends to hold on and is not easily eliminated. Fat cells can actually resist contact with your body’s circulatory system to avoid elimination through metabolization. The aim of liposuction is to help you to return to your natural curves by getting rid of, or reducing, pockets of body fat that typically reside in problem areas.

Liposuction is not a weight loss solution and it is not recommended or effective for cellulite, stretch marks or sagging skin. Your NYC liposuction consultation at NYBG Plastic Surgery will give you experienced guidance as to what gains you can expect and what additional procedures may be recommended after liposuction.

Who Benefits Most from Liposuction?

Ideally, you’ve gotten down to your ideal weight but have stubborn bulges. Keep in mind that liposuction is about shape, not weight. People who have a high BMI (over 30) should consider other solutions to reduce their weight. Liposuction may take 5 to 10 pounds off – at most.

Candidates with good skin elasticity generally have better outcomes. As we age we lose some of this elasticity, and smoking or sun damage can accelerate this decline. Depending on these factors and the amount of fat being removed, your physician can help you determine if you will be left with an unwanted amount of sagging skin. However, NYBG Plastic Surgery has other procedures to eliminate sagging skin after your Long Island liposuction, if needed.

What Does Liposuction Involve?

Liposuction is relatively safe with a reasonably comfortable and short recovery period. Most procedures involve a tumescent technique to minimize blood loss and bruising. Thin tubes, called cannulas, are inserted under the skin to dislodge the fat so it can be suctioned out with a surgical vacuum or in smaller areas, a syringe.

Local anesthesia, sometimes paired with oral sedation, is used when small areas of fat are being eliminated. However, larger areas generally require IV sedation or general anesthesia. The procedure rarely involves an overnight stay.

What Kinds of Liposuction Are Available?

The most important point is that you want a plastic surgeon with the training and experience to adjudicate the best technology to remove your fat deposits. It is the surgeon who will ultimately pair the procedure with your specific needs and the region of the body where fat is to be removed.

  • Power assisted liposuction (PAL): This is the standard tumescent procedure that also includes a vibrating tool that speeds up the breakdown of fat deposits for easier removal.
  • SafeLiposuction: This is a unique 3-step process of separation of fat globules, aspiration (removal of fat cells using suction) and fat equalization, ensuring the thin necessary fat layer is smoothed and toned.

For a non-surgical alternative, you can also check out our NYC CoolSculpting page to learn more about an innovative non-surgical fat reduction method.

At NYBG Plastic Surgery, our bariatric surgeons are among the leaders in reconstructive procedures. We can help you regain the shape you want after weight loss, and will work closely with you to craft a customized treatment plan that best suits your vision for your body. With a focus on patient care and comfort, our team has performed thousands of procedures on our bariatric patients resulting in countless lifestyle improvements. You can have a more aesthetic body, one that displays your confidence and sense of self. If you are in the NYC, New Jersey, Long Island or Westchester County area, we are close by. Give us a call today.

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