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Arm lift surgery: address your upper arm fat

The upper arms can be one of the most troublesome spots for droopy skin, especially for those who have experienced dramatic weight loss. It can lead to frustrations in self-image and can wear on self-confidence. Many people with loose skin under their arms try to hide the condition with long sleeve blouses or shirts, but this solution offers far less choice in style and fashion, and does not address the underlying issues of embarrassment.

An arm lift can be a good solution for those looking to eliminate droopy and loose skin on their arms – and the discomfort the condition causes -- whether due to weight loss, genetics, or age. You’ve worked hard to lose weight and to achieve better health, but further steps may be needed to help you reach your ultimate goals. Our arm lift in Long Island can be just the thing for you.

An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure for removing excess sagging skin that droops downward from the upper arm. The arm can lose skin elasticity when fat deposits build up during weight gain and are then lost during dieting or after a bariatric procedure. As the skin under the arms tends to hang with gravity, it is often one of the first areas of your body to sag. This can also cause local pockets of fat to stick under the skin, causing more stretching. This tendency of the upper arm to host droopy skin and fat deposits is the reason “bat wing” underarms are so common in older people and those people who are overweight or recently lost a lot of weight.

Following a healthy diet and an exercise program, while beneficial for the body and overall health, will not correct loose skin and stubborn fat deposits. You can reduce your body fat percentage and improve muscle tone with strength training, but skin elasticity has its limits and, when it is lost, plastic surgery is often the best solution. Our arm lift in NYC can tighten underlying support tissue, giving your arms an immediately firmer and more slender appearance. The procedure is often done in conjunction with liposuction as fat deposits under the arms are resistive to even major weight loss.

Who is a Candidate For Brachioplasty?

The best candidates for an arm lift are those who meet these general criteria:

  • You are of normal weight but have underarm sag from age or genetics.
  • You have lost a dramatic amount of weight and the skin’s natural elasticity has been compromised.
  • You are close to your proper/goal weight and your weight is stable.
  • You are in good overall health and committed to a healthy lifestyle.
  • You have no medical conditions that could complicate the procedure or your healing.
  • You should not be a smoker.

An arm lift will generally result in a better look in form-fitting clothes and you will be able to wear short sleeves with confidence. Some scarring can be expected, but with proper care and recovery, the impact is usually minimal and scarring tends to lighten over time. Many of our Long Island brachioplasty patients report a boost in self-confidence after undergoing an arm list procedure.

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