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Pregnancy and childbirth, while undeniably beautiful and fulfilling, are also two of the most traumatic processes a woman’s body can undergo. The woman’s entire physique is altered, and continues to change for months after childbirth and throughout the period of breastfeeding. A woman’s body can take months or years to recover, and in many cases may never be able to fully revert to its pre-pregnancy state.

A mommy makeover, also known as "post-pregnancy surgery", is a series of procedures performed in a single operation to mitigate the cosmetic effects of pregnancy and childbirth on a woman’s body, restoring her confidence.

Elements of a Typical Mommy Makeover

Rather than referring specifically to any single procedure, the term "mommy makeover" is used in reference to any combination of different procedures to help restore pre-pregnancy shape and definition to multiple areas of a woman’s physique. While the specifics vary, a typical mommy makeover includes some sort of:

  • Breast Procedure. During pregnancy, breasts swell to much greater than their normal size, and their size and shape can continue to fluctuate significantly after birth and throughout breastfeeding. Breasts may continue to sag as a result of lost volume, or may remain uncomfortably large. A breast augmentation, reduction, or lift can help.
  • Tummy Tuck. During pregnancy, the abdomen must stretch and protrude significantly to accommodate the growing baby. As a result, the muscles and connective tissues that hold internal organs in place are stretched so far that they often remain slack after birth and are unable to return to their original dimensions. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, can help by removing excess skin and fat, and tightening loose fascia.
  • Liposuction. During pregnancy, you’re eating for two, and your body is holding on to every bit of nutrition it can. However, many women have trouble losing this baby weight even months after giving birth. Liposuction can remove excess fat from the arms, leg, torso, and other body areas to restore the body’s pre-pregnancy shape and definition.

Are you ready for a mommy makeover?

A customized combination of these procedures can help restore your confidence as you get back the body you had before kids. However, your body needs time after childbirth to recover, and so we recommend waiting a year after giving birth to undergo cosmetic surgery. This time allows the uterus to shrink back to its normal size and the rest of the body to fully recover. Many women are surprised to see how significantly their bodies can bounce back on their own during this waiting period, and surgery should only be considered when the body will not return to its original shape on its own.

Additionally, breast alterations should only be performed at least six months after breastfeeding is completed, and all of these procedures should wait until a woman is done having children, as subsequent pregnancies could jeopardize the aesthetic results.

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